Jan. 9th, 2017

chris_gerrib: (Pirates of Mars)
Nominations for the 2016 Hugo Awards are now being accepted. Thanks to me (and others) sitting in two years of business meetings, there will be six finalists in each category. Thanks to the sitting Worldcon committee, we will be able to vote on the proposed "Best Series" Hugo.

Herewith are my eligible works:

Best Novel

Definitely eligible: The Night Watch, book 3 of my Pirates Series.

Arguably eligible: The Mars Run. It was originally released in 2008 but extensively reworked for 2016. If we get hit by an asteroid the book gets nominated, I'll let the Hugo Administrator make the call. If given a choice between this and The Night Watch, I will withdraw The Mars Run.

I am not eligible for Best Series, as the total word-count for my three books is 180,000, under the 240,000 word cap.

Fan Writer

I suppose this blog makes me eligible for Fan Writer. It's your call.


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