Jan. 10th, 2017

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Herewith my tentative schedule for Capricon 37, February 16 -19, 2017:

ETA: Reading Birch B Thursday 7:30 PM

Description: Pirates, Mars, cookies. One of these things is not like the other. Come steal a cookie and listen to Chris Gerrib read from his latest book The Night Watch.

Hugo Awards Nominating Birch A Fri 11:30 AM

Description It's our favorite time of year! Hugo Award nominating is happening now! Join our roundtable discussion for a look back at 2015 and some thoughts on who and what deserves to be nominated this year. (Note: This panel will provide a very brief overview of the process of how to nominate, but the focus is on discussing which works deserve nomination.)

Chris Gerrib moderator
Will "scifantasy" Frank
Chris M. Barkley

The Eternal Darkness Willow Fri 5:30 PM

Description How long can a story line stay dark without a bright payoff? When will readers lose all hope and give up?

Blake Hausladen
Dora Furlong
Neal F. Litherland (The Literary Mercenary)
Chris Gerrib

Queer Eye for Sci-Fi: Season 3 Birch B Fri 7:00 PM

Description Queer Eye for Sci-Fi returns for Season 3! There is a long and complex history of queerness in science fiction, from queer-coded villains in pulp novels to the more diverse spectrum of characterization in the last decade. Join panelists as they discuss the history of queerness within the genre, both the good and the bad.

Mari Brighe
Lady Nhytefall
Chris Gerrib

Writing History Birch B Sat 1:00 PM

Description Historical Fiction. Alternate History. What's the difference? How much history do you need to be historical fiction? How much needs to be changed to be considered alternate history?

Steven H Silver
Chris Gerrib
Pat Sayre McCoy
Walt Boyes
Barbara Barnett
Clif Flynt

Mighty Space Fleets of War Birch B Sat 5:30 PM
Description If we were to have a real "Star Wars," what would our space fleets look like, where would they fight, how would they fight, and why would they fight?

Chris Gerrib Moderator
Henry Spencer
Jim Plaxco
Uncle Vlad
J.A. Sutherland


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