Jan. 23rd, 2017

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I'm back at work after an uneventful weekend. I finished a first draft of a short story for a potential anthology. Also, I broke down and called Allied Garage Door for my defunct opener. They said Saturday that they could if I wanted to fix the opener. I said no, get a new one, which will be installed Wednesday. In the meantime, we're having relatively dry and warm weather, so the car can sit out front.

I lead an exciting life.
chris_gerrib: (Me 2)
Go read the whole thing, but I'm just going to quote this bit:

The conservative-media entertainment complex, of which Trump is the culmination, has made an art form of concocting absurd, up-is-the-new-down propositions, repeating them with jackhammering relentlessness, magnifying them in the echo chamber of right-wing media, and finally reifying them into conventional wisdom among the conservative faithful. Large percentages of the Republican base regard lies about death panels or Obama’s citizenship as axiomatic truths.

We're in for a rocky ride, folks.


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