Jan. 26th, 2017

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Vox Day, also known to this blog as Wily E. Coyote, SuperGenius at Large, has repeatedly stated that he is not a Nazi, despite what people say. This is technically true, but misses the larger point. Most people think all Fascists are Nazis. No, much like Xerox machines are a type of copier, Nazis are a type of Fascist. VD is a Fascist.

Fascism was invented in Italy by one Benito Mussolini. Hitler styled himself after Mussolini, which was why Italy, a country that had fought against Germany in WWI, fought with them in WWII. Fascism is not inherently antisemitic - that particular trait was a "feature" of Adolf Hitler's personality. Nor is Fascism massively expansionistic - Mussolini before 1939 only invaded two countries - Albania and Ethiopia - places that lacked an ability to fight back.

So what is Fascism? It is:
1) Authoritarian. There is a Strong Leader and we must follow him.

2) Hyper-patriotic. Not "our country right or wrong" but "our country is never wrong."

3) Intolerant of dissent. Peaceful protests or disagreements are seen as threats.

4) Objectively pro-wealthy. Mussolini and Hitler both enjoyed strong support from the wealthy and aristocratic classes in their countries, largely because they followed policies that enriched said classes. For example, both men abolished independent labor unions, replacing them with unions that were little more than clubs for workers to hang out in.

5) Militaristic. They may not want to use the military (see Mussolini) but damn it they want a big and shiny one.

6) Fearful. In a Fascist regime, there is always some group that is just around the corner and just about ready to overthrow the regime. Paradoxically, this group is also seen as very stupid and easily stopped. (In fairness, this "powerful but stupid" enemy is a useful tool in a lot of situations.)

7) Action without thought. We need to build a wall to keep out Mexicans is action, but doesn't look at the fact that most Mexicans drive or fly across the border.

8) Traditionalism. Whether it's a cult-like worship of the Founding Fathers or surrounding yourself with Roman symbols, Fascists look to the past, and usually to some idealized version thereof.

9) Racist. Although this is more visible in Nazi-ism, Fascists are racists in that they see their race (however they define it) as better than other races. In VD's case, he defines the "American" race as people who came over on the Mayflower.

In any event, if you find yourself calling somebody a Nazi, let me suggest substituting Fascist. It's more accurate and harder to dispute.

For another take, see Umberto Eco's 14 features of Fascism.


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