Jan. 30th, 2017

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I was at the gym last week with my trainer, and between sets the conversation turned to Trump. The guy at the machine next to me said in regards to the violence in Chicago, "we should just declare martial law in those neighborhoods and go house to house removing guns."

Besides the obvious Constitutional problems, I'm hard-pressed to think of something that would be more effective at unifying that neighborhood; unifying them in shooting at our soldiers. I also suspect the guy would howl bloody murder should that be done in his neighborhood. So was the guy a Fascist?

I think not. As noted in the comment section over on Scott Adam's blog, there is a type of individual we can call an "armchair knee-jerk naive politician." Somebody who, in other words, is stupid enough to think that invading the South Side of Chicago would work or that it could be implemented.

Now, such people look a lot like Fascists, and they tend to support Fascists, because Fascists Get Stuff Done without bothering with process, but they are not actual Fascists. Fascism actually has some overarching ideals, but the Kneejerker doesn't.

I suspect Trump is a Kneejerker. I also suspect that at least some of his advisers are Fascists. We live in interesting times.


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