Feb. 6th, 2017

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Over the weekend, I went to see the new SF movie The Space Between Us. In part, this is based on my theory that if you want more non-reboots or non-comicbook SF movies you have to support the ones that come out with the only thing that counts, money. Also in part, I'm a sucker for Mars.

At any rate, I attended said movie. The cinematography was beautiful, and well, that's probably the best I could say about it. As you can tell from the trailers, the basic plot is a kid is born on the first Mars colony then comes to Earth where he breaks free of his handlers.

What you can't tell is that the kid's birth and existence is kept as a secret for 16 years. This seems highly implausible, as by the time he comes back the Mars colony seems to have grown to 50+ people, many of them scientists shuttling back and forth. Oh, and in this movie, the speed of light is infinite, while space transport in the 16 years from the first colony to the kid's return hasn't changed a lick.

Now, the movie isn't all bad. The ending isn't quite standard Hollywood, and there is a well-played bit of mystery as to who the kid's dad is. This is diluted by our kid being a bit too naive about Earth. (There are TVs in the future.) All in all, okay at best, which is a shame, since the low box office will be used to bash other original SF movies.


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