Feb. 13th, 2017

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Over the weekend I read the latest novel from Chuck Gannon, the book Caine's Mutiny. It's very good, classic space opera that's been updated for our times. I say that but ironically this novel has a number of people who've been hibernating from our 20th Century. It also has aliens, real and "unreal." What follows may be a bit of a spoiler.

There has been throughout SF, going back to the 1890s, a concept of "re-contact." Basically, sometime in our pre-technological past, aliens showed up on Earth and took humans off-planet, and now in the "present" we Earthlings run into our off-planet cousins. It can make for an interesting story, which Gannon is telling here.

Having said that, this book feels like a hinge book in a trilogy. The story is almost complete, but there are several loose ends left dangling and clearly awaiting the next book. I enjoyed this one and wish to tell Dr. Gannon to write faster.


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