Mar. 6th, 2017

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It's a Monday. My website WAS up over the weekend, but Hostgator seems to have broken it again. Yippee Kay Ay, and time to move. I hear GoDaddy does a better job.

In other news, I went to Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Friday to watch Love's Labor's Lost. In this version, the creative staff went out of their way to highlight how immature men can be versus women. Since the play was written 400+ years ago, I guess things never change.

I also attended the 50th birthday party for one of my high school classmates. She has a large group of friends, most of which aren't known to me, so I ended up hanging with another classmate and her husband. It was a good time.

In political news, I watched 60 Minutes and noticed how Mariane Le Pen is another fan of Russia. I have thoughts about this (not all bad, mind you) which I shall expound upon anon.


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