Mar. 15th, 2017

chris_gerrib: (Me 2)'s hard to remember that your original purpose was to drain the swamp. That's my subtle apology for not posting recently.

[insert segue here]

I recently got back from a brief business trip to (cold and rainy) Atlanta, and I decided:

1) People aren't very smart. I got into a conversation with a not-so bright bartender, a dull seatmate on the plane, and watched multiple people get baffled by the concept of boarding a Southwest plane. (Pick a row, step into the row, put your big case in the overhead, sit down. If you have a coat, put it on top of or in front of your big bag.)

2) I do like Southwest, at least for short-haul flights. The crew actually seems happy to be at work, and that's infectious. If I'm going to be treated like cattle, at least I'd like to be a happy cow (cattle?).

3) We got hit with a snowstorm in Chicago the day I flew out. I nearly changed my flight three times. I'm glad I didn't - the regularly-scheduled flight went off without a hitch.

4) I think I got a free breakfast. At my hotel, I hit the restaurant at 8, charged the $14 buffet to my room, but have yet to see a charge for it. Oh well.

Back to the swamp.


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