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Apr. 3rd, 2017 02:12 pm
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When I was in training in the Navy, one day we had a lecture on chemical weapons.  The lecturer started with this statement.  “The perfect chemical weapon is cheap, safe on the environment, doesn’t harm your troops, and causes the enemy to come out with their hands up while whistling your national anthem.  Since this perfect weapon doesn’t exist, all weapons are compromises.”

I would submit that this is true for more than just weapons.  In much of life, we are faced with problems for which an ideal solution does not exist, and so we have to implement a compromise solution.  I am facing that fact with home security systems.  There being no perfect security system, compromises abound.

So, in order to evaluate what system I am going to get, I had to look at what I really needed vs. what I wanted.  I decided my primary risk is not from the Mission Impossible crew, but rather run-of-the-mill robbers.  I also decided my primary risk is when I’m not at home.  Around here in Darien, home-based robberies tend to be subterfuge robberies (“we’re from ComEd and need to check your fuses”).

Thus, something basic that calls the cops if somebody is in the house when I’m not is a reasonable compromise.  I have a couple of systems in mind that I’m doing final reviews on.  I’ve also decided that I will not post exterior signage warning of an alarm system.  Too many people post the stickers without buying an alarm so many robbers ignore them.  The few that pay attention don’t need me to tell them (here on on the window) what kind of system I’ve got.


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