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Herewith is my subject-to-change programming schedule for NorthAmeriCon '17 to be held in (hopefully) sunny San Juan Puerto Rico.

TH 18:00 - San Cristobal Military realities and Science Fiction

What series in the Spec Fic portray military life and decision making with the most accuracy.

Kevin McLaughlin, Jonathan Brazee (m), Chris Gerrib

TH 19:00 - San Cristobal Off-world Vacation Hot Spots

You're the travel agent - sell us your best vacation package to the stars

Chris Gerrib, Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ, Tyrell Gephardt, Jan S. Gephardt, W. A. (Bill) Thomasson (m)

FR 12:00 - San Geronimo How Fandoms Evolve (or Don't)

How do they grow? How do they die?

Chris Gerrib, Paula Smith, Isabel Schechter, Diana Pho (m), Tyrell Gephardt

FR 14:00 - San Cristobal The Future of Local/National/Planetary Government in the Information Age

Our current government structures arose in the age of face-to-fact communication. With individuals able to "talk" instantly to people anywhere on the globe and governments able to share information effortlessly, does either representative to geographically defined government fit the emerging paradigm. How long before things change. Or will they?

Chris Gerrib, W. A. (Bill) Thomasson, David Manfre (m), Tanya Washburn, Pablo Vazquez

FR 15:30 - Bahia Reading - Chris Gerrib

Mars, Pirates, Cookies.  One of these is not like the other.  Come hear Chris Gerrib read from his novel The Night Watch and snag a cookie!

SU 10:00 - San Cristobal Forgotten Books

Panelists (and audience members) discuss the books they've loved that have gone out of circulation, and thus the merits of used bookstores.

Evelyn Chimelis Leeper, Chris Gerrib (m), Lee Billings, Daína Chaviano


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