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Like the label says, links!

A) The Advantage of Being a Little Underemployed. From the link: Before 1900 the average American worker worked more than 60 hours a week. A standard schedule was ten-hour days, six days a week. The only structural limits to working were lighting and religion. You stopped working when it was too dark to see or to go to church. Or shorter, you worked from "can" to "can't."

B) A bit late, but still good - the story of D-Day on Omaha Beach.

C) Wonder Woman: How real-life athletes united to populate the film's badass Amazon nation.

D) A more humorous take on Wonder Woman - Alamo Drafthouse Apologizes for Starting Manpocalypse With Women-Only Screening.
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I've fallen off the wagon of daily posts here. This week the main reason was my getting sick on Wednesday, which put the whole week in a tailspin. In any event, I shall try to do better.

Since they've accumulated, have some links:

1) My radio interview is up for a re-run. Visit The Author's Show.

2) An interesting two-part history of one of the most popular cartridges in history, the .38 special. Part 1 and Part 2.

3) Cora Buhlert on false memories.

4) Some pretty pictures: Equihen Plage: The Village of Inverted Boat Houses.
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It’s a Monday, and alas I have many things to do today, so in lieu of content have some links:

  1. Ellie Maloney, a writer of my acquaintance, has a new magazine out.  Details by clicking on the link.

  1. Presented without comment – lies my doctor told me: it’s because you’re fat.

  2. You can buy an Irish pub-in-a-box. Read about it here.

  3. Where do you put garbage in paradise? On an island.

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I've been busy, so have some links:

1) I'm still giving away free e-copies of my book The Night Watch.

2) You can read an interview of me.

3) An interesting article: Why Nothing Works Anymore. Best opening line: "“No… it’s a magic potty,” my daughter used to lament, age 3 or so, before refusing to use a public restroom stall with an automatic-flush toilet."

America’s military doesn’t need more money — what it needs is an engaged public to demand a genuine strategy

5) Among other things: Mars Needs Lawyers.
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Like the label on the tin says:

1) This Friday, S. Evan Townsend will be featuring me on his podcast "Speculative Fiction Cantina." Link when I have it.

2) This Saturday, an interview with me will be on The IndieView.

3) Over the weekend, I read a great book: Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild AFB. The book is written by the Air Force policeman who stopped a mass shooting by killing the shooter with a pistol at 70 yards. It's about how the mass shooter came to be as well as how, a week later, a B-52 practicing for an air show plowed into the ground doing an unsafe maneuver. No spoilers - both events were preceded by many unheeded warnings.

4) On climate change - our memories can be unreliable. I was in Chicago in 1999 and don't remember a particularly warm February.

5) Why don't many racist people think they're racist?. Answer: Because they probably aren't racist. Saying or doing something racist and being a racist is not the same thing.
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Because they go bad:

1) Some historical perspective on our current run of peace in Europe: And yet, when the U.S. was debating entrance into World War I, one state representative rose in his legislature and gave an impassioned speech that, “I was old enough to fight for this Union at 15, and I am young enough to fight again.”

2) Here's an idea - beer caused civilization. I think I'll have a drink.

3) Food for thought: This dog has a guaranteed basic income, and look how eager he is to teach a yoga class anyway.

4) Want to “Take the Oil”? Crunch the Numbers First. Money quote: "In an absolute best-case scenario, where the costs of occupation are minimal and the revenues produced from Iraqi oil exports are maximized, we might break even. In any other, more realistic scenario, the United States loses money."

5) Falklands and Second World War veteran John Vickerson dies, aged 95.
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I now have a fully-operational Death Star garage door opener. Go me! (No traps, I promise.)


A) Evangelical Experts Oppose Trump’s Plan to Ban Refugees.

B) Paranoia is not just for poor people any more: Doomsday prepping for the super rich.

C) Peter Nowak: Why you will enjoy the open road more in self-driving cars.


I wouldn't swear these numbers are 100% accurate, but they are in the ballpark.
You know what...
Take my $1.37... I want my PBS.
Take my $.46... I am all for federal funding of art programs.
Take my $.46... I love my museums, colleges, and libraries.
Take my $.11... I support developing minority businesses.
Take my $.66... I am for entrepreneurship and innovation.
Take my $1.60... I want us to export more goods overseas.
Take my $0.43... I would like to see more American manufacturing.
Take my $0.88... I think community policing needs vast improvement.
Take my $1.48... I support programs for women.
Take my $1.55... I believe in due process for all.
Take my $0.48... We need a civil rights division in the justice department.
Take my $0.38... I think we need to defend our Mother Earth.
Take my $0.03... I know more work needs to be done for climate change.
Take my $8.95... because we need more sustainable energy.
Take my $2.71... we should reduce our carbon footprint.
If saving these programs means I'm out $22.36 a year, I'm good with contributing my $.07 a day to save these federal programs.
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I hang out a lot with other writers, and in that company the fact that I've written a few books is not particularly noteworthy. But this past week, two "regular people" (a co-worker and my personal trainer's wife) both became aware of my writing habit. They both then expressed surprise, thought it was a big deal, and in one case promised to Buy My Books. (Thanks!)

In order to ease into the new year, herewith are a few links of interest:

1) Heart attack, cardiac arrest, and heart failure are often used interchangeably, but they’re distinct entities.

2) This article based on a book argues that blacks became concentrated in urban areas due to white action in the form of "sundown towns." (Blacks passing through had to be out by sundown.) Although this obviously happened, I also suspect there was a lot of assimilation. There are many Americans who claim "Indian" blood, but that was really "black" blood.

3) Max Gladstone liked Rogue One, but thought it could be better.

4) This Giant Furry Dog Playing With A Kid Will Make Your Day.
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Have a couple of links:

1) My book The Mars Run is getting some press.

2) An evacuated island - The story of St. Kildas

3) The minimum wage is not just for kids:

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Stuff I found of interest.

A) Jim Wright on Trump's cabinet: "So far we've got The Idle Rich, Billionaires and Bankers, a couple of Evil Doctors, the Soap Queen sister of a mercenary, a Grand Wizard, Mad Dog Mattis, and Caribou Barbie

It's less like Donald Trump building a cabinet ...

... and more like Lex Luthor assembling a League of Super Villains."

B) The title says it all: Democrats, skip the civil war.

C) On stopping gun violence: Ya gotta go after the shooters.

D) I've met the author and I've pre-ordered the book.

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In order not to be "all Trump, all the time" herewith are three links of interest.

A) Via the fascinating show Air Disasters I got the full story on Helios Airways Flight 522. This is the flight where, due to a cabin pressurization failure, all passengers and crew were killed. Of especial note is that one of the flight attendants attempted to save the plane but waited an extremely long amount of time before doing so.

B) Actor Mike Rowe, who's made a name for himself as the star of TV's Dirty Jobs reality show, has interesting thoughts on who should or should not vote.

C) I have to admit a personal preference for revolvers. Having said that, I found this article recommending that the USAF use revolvers as their service pistol interesting.
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It's Tuesday, so have some links:

A) My book The Mars Run is featured on eBookSoda. Please share the love.

B) In regards to Black Lives Matter, a great video: Tolerance is for cowards.

C) Point Roberts, USA - An American city stranded at the tip of a Canadian peninsula.

D) Barack Obama on 5 days that shaped his Presidency.
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Thanks to a nap, a solid night of sleep and modern pharmaceuticals, I feel almost human today. Since they've been accumulating, let's have some links:

1) WaPo: Trump Camp Built Up Robust DC Policy Shop, Let It Die Of Neglect I am shocked, shocked I tell you to learn that Donald Trump would hire people and then not actually pay them.

2) I bought and enjoyed a previous anthology from these folks, so I encourage you to contribute: ZNB is at it again with 3 new anthologies with the themes of Robots, Water, and Death! Join us for another great adventure!

3) Presented without comment: The Tree That Was Arrested.

4) I'm told that my grandparents eloped and got married in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Had they been English, they would have gone to Gretna Green, Scotland.

5) Back in Ye Olde Dayes, when you went grocery shopping the clerk filled your order. When I was a kid in small town Illinois, there was still an old-style grocery store that my mother would send me to on my bike to pick up lunchmeat. You can thank Piggly Wiggy for the modern supermarket.
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Links of interest to me:

1) The nearly-abandoned town of Cairo Illinois. It's gone from 15,000 people to 2,000, and is fading fast. Soon, we'll have another ghost town in Illinois.

2) A very nice article by Raechel Acks on What's being done to fix the Hugo awards.

3) A fascinating story - A Hit Man Came to Kill Susan Kuhnhausen. She Survived. He Didn’t.
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Let's get right to it.

1) On July 28, 1932, the U.S. Army 12th Infantry regiment commanded by Douglas MacArthur and the 3rd Calvary Regiment, supported by six battle tanks commanded by Major George Patton violently evicted the Bonus Army from their Washington, D.C. encampment. The Bonus Army, composed of unemployed and desperate WWI vets, wanted payment of around $600. It's a reminder that we got the New Deal because it was that or Fascism.

2) The Russians Are Bullying Our Diplomats Too. Remember that when Trump asks his friend Putin for help.

3) Calling American breakfasts what it often is: dessert. Much of American breakfasts, from yogurt to muffins, has the same sugar content as equivalent amounts of ice cream or cake. Please note, South Beach Diet followers, that traditional bacon-and-eggs breakfasts don't have that problem.
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It started raining here in Chicago at midnight, and it just quit half an hour ago. Since I'm trying to squeeze five days of work into four (or possibly three-and-a-half) days, have some links in lieu of content.

Two Reviews

1) Violence, A Writer's Guide - a critical resource for any writer.

2) Janissaries (The Theogony, #1) by Chris Kennedy. A very entertaining MilSF novel.

Two Items of General Interest

1) My Best Employee Quit, or "I Am A Clueless Boss." Loyalty is a two-way street.

2) This Day in Labor History: July 6, 1924 - the Philippine Scouts go on strike.
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Four items of note, linked only in my mind:

Item The First

I have a guest post on the website SFF World entitled Where's My Flying Car? Readers may note that they could just as easily substitute "rocket" for "flying car" in the linked post.

Item The Second

John Scalzi has an opinion on the Brexit vote in the UK. It very closely mirrors mine.

Item The Third

From Slate, How the novel Frankenstein is really about climate change.

Item The Fourth

House Democrats are holding a sit-in to attempt a vote which would ban people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns. I am somewhat ambivalent about this. On the one hand, if we're seriously concerned about these people, why in the hell would we let them buy a gun? On the other hand, heaven knows that this list is poorly-assembled at best. I think the bottom line is that the Republican's reluctance on this issue shows how non-serious they are about terrorism.
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Like the label on the tin says:

Thing 1 - ‘Missing’ White Voters Might Help Trump, But Less So Where He Needs It.

Thing 2 - I've signed up with Jalepeno Fiction, a group promoting indie writers.

Thing 3 - I will be attending the Chicago-area Printers Row Lit Fest next weekend. Look for me at Tent C.
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I'll be at a Rotary event all day tomorrow, so I expect no blogging. Herewith, have a few links to tide you over:

A) In Ye Goode Olde Dayes, cities used to be full of shit - literally.

B) Mary Robinette Kowal is taking applications for a writer's workshop and cruise. I did this last year, and it was well worth it.

C) So, there has been a reactionless space engine proposed and currently undergoing very limited testing. Herewith is a theoretical explanation of why the darned thing just might work. Presented without comment.

D) Found via the scientific method of "dinking around on the Internet" a long and interesting article suggesting that Britain during WWI and WWII played the USA like a piano to our detriment and Britain's gain. Again, presented without comment.

E) Ana Marie Cox kinda sympathizes with Ted Cruz. I see her point.


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