Mar. 23rd, 2017

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I’m going to be curled up with a warm calculator this weekend making some financial decisions.  Specifically, travel-related.

This year, I’m already committed to go to Atlanta for a Rotary event (expensive), a European cruise (costly), and visits to two European countries (costly).  I normally attend two out-of-town science fiction cons.  Last year it was ConQuest in Kansas City and InConJunction in Indianapolis.  Both are driveable, but that’s still several nights hotel, food, gas, etc.

Now I’ve been invited to be on programming at NASFIC.  On years when the Worldcon is not in North America, we hold a big convention this side of the pond.  This year it’s in Puerto Rico, of which I’ve only seen the naval station.  So there’s the chance to visit an interesting place and be on programming, which means I get to wave my book around in front of people from around the world.

But I’m not driving to Puerto Rico, and NASFIC is a 4-day con, not over a holiday.  Thus vacation days become an issue as well.  Again, decisions to be made.  Watch this space.


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